The biological medicine joins all de therapies directed to the strengthening and helping of the mechanism of treatment that every organism possesses in the interior, with the only purpose of recovering the vitality and health.

In this world of overall natures, it locates the sufferings of health of the patients within a WHOLE, considering that no patients of one organic element but the totality of the organs that conform it.

Within the work of every day it is located to the patient and the disease that afflicts to him, within the sum of as much physical particularities as mental, managing to capture the essence of the patient in the TOTALITY of the symptoms and the radical treatment of the disease, since as he says the Soft wise person does not exist ill diseases but.

Within the fields that the biological medicine covers have met a main group of them, being these as diverse as the symptoms and the alterations who when manifest becoming ill each one of the patients and express themselves like the real image and unique of the upheaval, the DISEASE.

The battle area of this type of COMPLEMENTARY therapy adapts to the needs of all the patients and any age, since it always looks for because of the disease, trying his causes and regulating the total operation of the organs and the emotions of the PATIENT.

This medicine orders the operation under the following principles:

  • The stimulus of the individual reaction of the patient.
  • The identification, blockade and elimination of any toxic load of the interior of body.
  • Fortifying the contained mechanisms of reaction within each organism.
  • The activation and regulation of the autocurativas forces of the interior.

The concept of the Integral medicine

When a patient visits to us, it is possible that she does not know very clearly the curative reaches of the Integrative medicine. In this set of holistic therapies, the disease landlord is respected that the patient presents/displays, but the disease focuses from another vision, a vision where all the components of the human being, body, mind and spirit megre giving an integral image of the problem, it is to see the disease from another vision, from the individual approach of the problem where an interest point does not exist, the disease but exists an approach I move to cure to the patient.

This vision of the integrative medicine is what us it makes different from other services of health, curing or eradicating the individual problem giving a particular approach him, not curing to the disease but to the patient.

The concept of the homeopathy this based on principles, laws and norms which when being respected in their totality, allow us to have a complete vision of the disease, when considering particular symptoms, we will approach the treatment levels never before experienced by the patients, having done you participate them in a profit plus the total treatment by means of the Holistic medicine.

In this process the medicine to the necessity of the patient adapts and not the patient to the type of medicine, a point that us makes different and forces to us not to quantify to the disease on the basis of his advances but to look for the mechanism annuls that it in the interior and offers the physical and mental stability to the patients.

The concept of the Alternative medicine, the summary of the transferred experience of generation to generation and a culture to another one, has been reunited and as it has been explained integrated to this method applied by us, Clinical of alternative and complementary Medicines, a Biological Alternative for you.

We give but the warm welcome them to this site that has been designed for you, our patients and friendly and for you who look for the ideal of all the human beings, improving its health by means of this biological Alternative.


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