In the work of the clinic, all type of diseases and affections for both sorts are taken care of and in all the ages, patients as well as people are taken care of new born in golden age (third age), in addition we counted on therapies that adapt to each necessity and each one of the sufferings in the individuality.

Services that we offer:

Diagnostic area

It is to realise a deep analysis of the situation of the patient in sumatoria of the physical symptoms and the evaluation of the symptoms that within the emotional sphere are within the patient. Connecting this analysis with some other tools of the Holistic medicine they will serve to present/display to the patient the REAL CAUSE of the disease that oppresses to him. The analysis technique is complemented with the following tools:

Biometric evaluation:

By means of the technique of Electroacupuntura de Voll, the power levels of each one of the organs of our body are evaluated and a corporal scheme of its state of health appears to him to the patient in graphical form and the variations that it owns. This study is made to evaluate existing problems and is a useful tool in the preventive medicine marking to the necessity of each one of the patients on the basis of its strengths and organic weaknesses.

Other techniques of diagnosis:

Within the services that are lent can be evaluated the condition of the patient by means of the diagnostic iridiología, the medical quirología and the diagnosis of pulses, Eastern technique ligature to the radiant flux of the body, also practices to decision of the medician the evaluation of the language and the back of the patient, techniques very used within the traditional medicine Ayurvedica and Traditional the China medicine.

After analysis diagnosis of the patient the perspective of the treatment on the basis of the following objectives is analyzed:

  • To harmonize the organic operation of the body.
  • To identify the substances that cause misalignment in the patient and to favor its elimination.
  • To describe and to rearrange the processes that within the vegetative nervous system cause affections within the health of the patient.
  • To improve by means of the therapeutic stimulus the operation of the neuroendocrin axis and the system of great defense like pillars of the health.
  • To optimize the organic energy levels of the patient, being fit the vital energy of each for the obtaining of an ideal and suitable system of health.
  • To indicate as much to the patient of the orderings in its habits as in its feeding to make the effect lasting of the medicine, respecting the principle of which is healthier who does not use medicines but good habits to perpetuate his health.

Therapies or treatments available:

Homeopathy Classic Unicist:

Technique created by Samuel Hahnemann, who has like foundation the similarity, by means of her looks for an element of the nature, that to contain the same characteristics of the disease, blocks and of information to the body to solve the problem, this technique is a complete technique since it considers to the man a unit body, spiritual mind and, reason why quick attention to the symptoms of emotional and physical order, fusing them to obtain the treatment and organic restoration.


Variation of the homeopathic medicine created by the German Hans Henrich Reckeweck, is based on the use of low homeopathic powers in the weaves that trigger curative processes at this level, the action of the homeopathic elements this framed in the concept that the conventional medicine uses with the name of pathologies, evaluating the cellular terrain conditions and purifying or activating this to recover its operation.

Neural therapy:

Technique implemented by many authors but re-open pie by Doctors Walter and Ferdinand Huneke of German origin in the year of 1925, looks for To activate the neural synapse, an internal process of information of the body that annuls either rectifies the nervous signals of pain or impulses that produce irritation and upheavals in the body.

This structure, key for the control of the information of the central nervous system is united to nervous completions by means of cells or is tie with muscular processes and glandular, which are regulated by the basic element of this therapy the Procaína, this rehabilitates the field and is used to eliminate the pain or to regulate the inflammatory action, one thinks that fields of blockades in scars (remote blockades) responsible for the disturbances of the likeable system, causal can exist mainly of disease of inflammations degenerations and mainly the pain symptoms.

Salts of Schussler:

Open pies in the year of 1832 by the German doctor Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler these twelve homeopathic salts of low dilution are basic the nutritional components of the organism, based on the phrase: all the organic components build mainly on those organs where they must perform function, it is considered that these offer the perfect organic balance so that the altered organism manages to make level itself and to recover the health, are remedies that are used in adults and children with amazing effects in debilitated organisms and chronic diseases.

A therapy based on homeopathy is considered for being the Dr. Schussler a disciple of the creator of Hanemman homeopathy. The twelve remedies of weaves a book based by the Dr. Boericke and Dr. Dewey open the door to this method that practices for more than two centuries.


Science Eastern millenarian art that its action bases to divide to the insertion of needles or the application of heat and stimuli in dazzling specific points of the body denominated, which have organic correspondence, by means of these meridians or channels we managed to regulate, to stimulate and to favor the answers of the organs, obtaining you cure miraculous, this technical art has been considered like a tool for the health of the new millenium by the OMS.

In some cases it is feared for the patient, by the myth of which all the needles produce pain, but actually into the hands of a good acupunturista preparation manages to become chisels to carve a state of ideal health.


Technique that is used in patients who demonstrate to fear by the application of acupuncture needles, in this type of technique stimuli of sonorous or luminance order are applied (laser) and produces the same effect that conventional acupuncture without causing the same repudio or malaise.


This technique also variation of acupuncture developed by the Dr. Jan Kersschot describes the application of bioterapicos (products of natural origin) by means of injections in affected zones of pain or, this technique this oriented to the treatment of sport injuries like pain, blows and chronic injuries where amazing effects by the action of injected homeopathy are obtained.


Technique developed by Massimo de Bellis and Enrico of Italy, a direction of cosmetic and aesthetic type of the previous technique, oriented to solve and to favor the answer of the organism from one slight injury to lumbalgias and problems of nerves as sciatic and injuries of vertebral compression, it has been used with excellent results in problems of acne, ovaries, cellulitis and inflammations of the gastric tract, problems like irritable colon and colitis you disorder, them of muscular type, as well as the injuries and the processes of recovery are one of their main battle areas.

Biological medicine:

Within this field the techniques of isopatia are detailed, nosode therapy and sarcode therapy, is in force in the diagnosis and the therapeutic one by the vital physiological processes. Their therapeutic measures are taken in relation to the individual capacities of each patient, the regulation, regeneration, adaptation and autocurative capacity of the organism. One looks for by means of these techniques, the restitution or contributes of the matters in deficit, the regulation of organic functional chains and the individual vital situation of the patient to try. Regeneration of functions in active and chronic degeneratives diseases is used in him. With application in arthritis, arthrosis, cancer and serious injuries of weaves of any organ.

Ayurvedica medicine

System of treatment originated in the old India, defined with the name of knowledge of life, or science of the longevity, uses diets, fitoterapicos, mineral techniques of chemical decontamination, and purification, remedies and technical of relaxation like yoga. As well as therapeutic massages, this science promotes the capacity of the body to maintain the balance and the health, is a noninvasive treatment, nontoxic can be used united to the conventional therapies.


It derives from the Greek words “done with the hands” is based on him principle of which the body can be cured to itself, when the skeletal system is treated correctly and the nervous system works of suitable form. In order to obtain to this the therapist it uses his hands like a tool that realised the necessary adjustments in the musculuesqueletico system and manipulated the vertebral positions as much as you will articulate. When the bones of the column correctly are not articulated gives rise to subdislocations that in the long run will affect their stage of health. About theory one thinks that when the nervous transmission this interrupted one and produces pain and disease is pronounced in the back, reason why is need balancing it to recover the health. Used commonly in lumbalgia, and upheavals like the pains ear, the vertigo and migraña.

Some other therapies with which we will be able to help him to restablcer its health: Shiatsu, Reiki, Samunprai, Therapies Vibracionales, Musicoterapia, Aromatherapy, Floral of Bach, Ancestral Medicine.

Additional services:

Therapies of trace elements, Therapies anti-stress, Therapies anti age, cellular Chemical decontamination, Therapies of emuntorial and lymphatic drainage, cellular Bioxigenacion. Therapies to remove heavy metals, Therapies of cellular regeneration, Therapies anti-cancer.

The biological therapies regenerate, fortify and balance all the organic systems, clean the past ill, fortify the present offering real and effective curative options and assuring the future health ill organism.

“The ignorance is Never as bold as when it judges what it does not know.”


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All types of diseases and affections are taken care of for patients of all ages with therapies that adapt to our patients individual needs....

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