In the interest to offer to our patients and people generally interested in knowing a little more the Integrative medicine, a oriented segment arises in our line of services to form in a strong interactive process to the people interested in learning and knowing on the areas Classic Homeopathy, Homotoxicologia, therapies of relaxation and first aid.

We are representing of that interest by the ancestral medicine and looked for to spread the professional formation of human element in all the areas of knowledge related to the Holistic medicine.

We count on strategic alliances with:

University Candegabe de Homeopatía
Buenos Aires Argentina

We look for by means of the academic excellence forming to the future therapists in our country in order to enlargement to the complementary medicine. If you are interested in some of our detailed academic activities please you can´t write to fundahom@alternativabiologica.com

We are representatives of ARCHIVEL in Guatemala, besides being the largest software house of alternative medicine in the world, makes you the most powerful tool of homeopathy RADAR a homeopathic Repertorization method with the database more reliable in the world, will be nice to be able to guide and offers the tools necessary to optimize their diagnosis, so we invite you to join us at:


You can implement:

Ordered search methods, resolve their doubts about the method chosen to interpret how to act and think the system and later develop and make additions to the database and software setup.

Duration 6 weeks.
Cost: Please contact the 23352237-23352586.

  • Seminary Factory “as to grow in the health taking care of what our body means”
  • Factory theoretical-I practice “first aid with Homeopathy” Factory “curative possibilities by means of the Fitoterapia”
  • Seminary “Elements that cure in the nature”.
  • An integral vision of the Holistic medicine”
  • Course “Therapies and techniques of Relaxation”
  • Course “the homeopathic thought, an approach of integral Homeopathy”


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Learn about the different areas of classical homeopathy, homotoxi-cology, relaxing therapies and first aid...

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